Frequently Asked Questions

(Last Revised: Jan 18, 2020)


What is Mooon App?

This app is for singles who like to be more effective when they go out. Users can check in to partner bars and see who else is out tonight.

How can I use Mooon App?

Simply download it and register. All new users will get 2 drink vouchers after registration. Testing the app can start right away, without any payments!

Is Mooon App free?

You will have all features for free. If you don't send any drink vouchers, the app is free to use. It is free to receive the drink invitations.

Can I use Mooon App anywhere in the world?

Basically yes. To redeem the drink vouchers, you need to go to our partner bars.

What is the minimum age requirement?

If you are 18 or older, you are good to join!

Signing up and getting started

How do I create a Mooon account?

Simply register with your phone number or Facebook login details. Go to the app settings and upload your photo.

Can I sign up without Facebook?


How do I edit my profile?

In app settings you have possibility to add photos, bio, age and connect your Instagram account.

How do I set my search preferences?

You select if you are interested in men or women. You will also find a slider to change the distance from your location. The higher the profile you find on the main list, the closer that person is to you.

List of other users

Can I search for a specific person on Mooon App?

That is not possible. You can search only male/female and choose the distance they are around you.

How do I message someone?

After the drink voucher is accepted, then you can start a chat. The last chat session will be seen on top of the chat list.

How do I report someone?

If you are pretty sure that a profile you find is a fake or identity stolen from some other person, please report that to us. We will block and/or delete the account if we find your report valid. For reporting you will find a button on the right hand upper corner when you have the profile screen open.

Drink invitations and chat

Accepting the drink voucher

After you accept the drink voucher someone sent to you, you can press "Use" and show the QR code at the partner bar. You will also be notified with a push note that someone sent you a drink voucher.

Editing chat list

You can block and delete users who send you messages

Can I delete a message?

You can not delete messages the same way you can do it in Whatsapp. You can delete the full chat with someone if you don't want to restore it anymore.

Can I undo sending a drink voucher?

We will ask 2 times you to confirm voucher sending. First you need to press "Send voucher", then you need to press "Pay". After that you can not undo sending the voucher. However, if voucher is not accepted by the receiver, you will get the voucher back to you. Then you can send it someone else.

Profiling and account settings

Editing your profile

This you can easily do in settings page. You can change the visible ones: pictures, name, bio, date of birth, as well as the private information: email and phone number.

Deleting your Mooon account

This you can request us to do. Press "Help & Support" from the settings and tell us to delete your personal data.

How do I request a copy of my personal data?

Press "Help & Support" from the settings and tell us to send you your personal data.

Managing your notifications

You can manage your notifications in the phone settings.

How do I change my search preferences?

In settings screen, you will find a text "Preferences". From there you can change the distance of other users shown around you as well as male and female preferences.

Connecting your Instagram account to your profile

This is easy, just click the Istagram logo in settings screen. Login with your credentials when asked.

Billing and payment

Accepted payment methods

We accept Mastercard, Visa, Amex. You may try your other cards as well, because these new cards tend to appear to the market faster than we can update the FAQ list.

Free and paid vouchers

In the voucher carousel, all green vouchers are either free or prepaid vouchers. All red vouchers cost you minimum 5,50e.

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